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Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
1092-2172 Vol.73, 03(2009)
Molecular Aspects of Moraxella catarrhalis Pathogenesis
de Vries, Stefan P. W.; Bootsma, Hester J.; Hays, John P.; Hermans, Peter W. M.
 Abstract:Summary: In recent years, Moraxella catarrhalis has established its position as an important human mucosal pathogen, no longer being regarded as just a commensal bacterium. Further, current research in the field has led to a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in M. catarrhalis pathogenesis, including mechanisms associated with cellular adherence, target cell invasion, modulation of the host's immune response, and metabolism. Additionally, in order to be successful in the host, M. catarrhalis has to be able to interact and compete with the commensal flora and overcome stressful environmental conditions, such as nutrient limitation. In this review, we provide a timely overview of the current understanding of the molecular mechanisms associated with M. catarrhalis virulence and pathogenesis.
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